Charity is important to us.  While Cupcake Camp Charleston is FREE, we believe in giving back to the community and supporting local charities. This year's local organization is Charleston Animal Society ( There are many ways you can help at Charleston Animal Society. You can start by donating, fostering or volunteering. Check out CAS for all their needs.

If you would like to donate items for dog training, visit or see the items below and drop them off at CAS!

Training & Enrichment Supplies Needed
We dedicate hundreds of hours each month training shelter animals, so that they become more adoptable! We need your help with donations of any of these items:
Hot Dogs
Block Cheese
Dog Food Rolls
Small Soft, Training Treats (i.e., Train Me Treats, Zukes)
Lunch Bags – paper, small & large
Bowls (plastic) – small & large
Cups (plastic) – small & large
Plastic Sandwich Bags – small
Peanut Butter
Chicken & Beef Broth or Bouillon Cubes
Baby Food
Shredded paper (non-crosscut)
Cardboard Boxes – small and medium
Furry Toys (with and without squeakers) – small & large
Plastic Toys (with and without squeakers) – small & large
CD Players (to play soothing music)
Through a Dog’s Ear (music specifically designed to sooth animals under stress)
Treat Bags
Wrist Coil (for holding clickers)
Everlasting Treat Toys and Refills
Kongs – all sizes and colors, but especially black in larger sizes right now.
Long handled wooden spoons like used in cooking
Squeeze Tubes – like used in camping
Small Half Cones
PVC Piping 2” or larger
PVC Joints – Elbow and T shapes
Any Agility Equipment at all whether new, used or homemade