Sunday, February 28, 2010


1. Can I buy or sell cupcakes at the event?
No. CupcakeCamp is for people who want to bring cupcakes and eat them for free *at the event.*

2. Can I really attend if I don’t bring cupcakes?
Yes! While bringing cupcakes is encouraged, we need 11 people to eat a cupcake for every dozen!

3. I’ve heard the event is based off of BarCamp, what is that? Check out

4. Do we bake or decorate our cupcakes at the event? No - your cupcakes should be ready to go at the event. However, feel free to organize your own baking get-togethers with friends before CupcakeCamp!

5. Where have CupcakeCamps already taken place? People have organized CupcakeCamps all over the world, including San Francisco, Toronto, Dublin, New York City, and Sydney!

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