Thursday, May 6, 2010

"what is your cupcake name?"

It has been a busy few weeks. Thanks for keeping our cupcakes in a row with your emails and support. We are up to 441 Twitterers and 100 "likes" or "fans" on Facebook. We met with a museum and a charity organization. There are possibly three more organizations that we're hoping to meet with soon. The biggest challenge is finding a FREE venue. If anyone can help, we could definitely use it! We are searching for a venue that can possibly host 200-400 sweet tooths with ample tables and chairs, too. Fall or next Spring is the ideal time for cupcakecamp Charleston, too.

We are also still looking for a ton of help, too. We cannot do this without the you, the community! We need volunteers, bakers and eaters. Spread the word like it's your favorite icing, yo! Thanks so much!

c&c twins

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