Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Feature Sponsor: Charleston Cupcakery

Charleston Cupcakery is an organic and vegan bakery owned by Tara Baker.  She creates little masterpieces of deliciousness and is presenting them at CupcakeCamp Charleston as a Sponsor.

Tara founded Charleston Cupcakery in the Summer of 2008 when her first order was delivered.  Charleston Cupcakery's mission is to sell top grade cupcakes with a friendly smile and by Jove, they've done it!  You will hardly believe they're vegan!  Trust us, we've eaten one or three each!!  Several flavors available are chocolate, vanilla, lemon, carrot, pumpkin, vanilla & chocolate swirl, peanut butter, choco & peanut butter, key lime, banana walnut and much more as their vegan cupcakes are fully customizable.  What also separates Charleston Cupcakery from other bakeries are their free consultations and satisfaction guarantees. 

Charleston Cupcakery delivers to the major suburbs of Charleston, and is also available for pick up!  Visit their website at  Call them today at 843.566.2121 or email them at .  When you see Tara, give her props with a fist bump!

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