Monday, April 18, 2011

Spring, Sprang, Sponsor us!

Ok, we know that doesn't make sense but one of us is in England while the other is wearing her knickers and wailing to The Smiths until the other cupcake returns. 
Dang, it's been five months!  What have we been doing?! Holidaze of stuffing our faces, running races to cancel out the bloated bellies, mastering the twin language, raiding thrift stores (ok, just the one), taking tons of random pictures and on occasion high-fiving strangers at traffic lights, that's what.  All this to say, we've missed you, too! 
Anywho, we've rolled up our sleeves again and have been sprinkling sugar in the air for Sponsors.  You are out there, slowly and surely loving us back with your approvals and we've got room for more.  We welcome your ideas, giveaways, donations, time, cupcake liners, you name it, we'll gladly use it for Cupcake Camp Charleston!  Please click on our Sponsors link or send us an email for more information,
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