Sunday, April 28, 2013

Bring it on, Contests, Bring it ON!

Hello Cupcake Faithful! This year's contests are announced!

Best Holiday (This category includes Holidays and will be judged on outer appearance and design; only one cupcake is needed for judges).

Best Southern (This will be judged on ingredients, flavors and decoration. Three cupcakes are needed per judge).

Best Tasting (This will be judged on taste.  Three cupcakes are needed per judge).

All competing bakers who bring 48 cupcakes are permitted to enter in one category of the competition.  Bakers who bring 120 or more are permitted to enter two categories of the competition.  Bakers who bring 240 or more are permitted to enter all three categories.  

1:48, 2:120, 3:240 = We all win!

For each category, please submit three cupcakes for each judge (exception, if you are entering the Best Holiday contest, please submit only one cupcake.  For this competition, cupcakes must be regular sized (cupcake pops are accepted). Also, please note that cupcakes will not be refrigerated, so consider ingredients that may melt or spoil and affect overall judging.

**Bakers, please consider making an extra batch for fellow bakers who want to swap with you! We will have a cupcake swap section in the staging area.**

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