Sunday, September 28, 2014

Review for One of this Year's Prizes: New York Baking Company Silicone Baking Cups

I was asked to review one of this year's prizes, the silicone baking cups by Rizzi from The New York Baking Company, and while some of them stuck to the cups, I was impressed by how easy they were to peel off and work with. I love the fun colors, and I know they will be a hit at house parties and holiday gatherings as great conversation pieces. For Cupcake Camp Charleston, I'm not sure they would do well because I fear that people would walk away with the liners or throw them away not knowing they are recyclable. I was thinking of putting paper liners inside the silicone cups, but (1) they were too snug and (2) it would completely oppose the efforts to benefit the environment. Perhaps a solution would be to sell them in bulk and not just in a 24-piece package. They're pretty affordable and easy to store. 

I hope you guys are excited to receive this as a prize because I know I will be using them time and time again. 

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