Friday, November 14, 2014

Meet Our Third Judge for Cupcake Camp Charleston, Tina Russo-Kinney

Born and raised in New England, Tina Russo-Kinney was two when she used to sit under the Willow tree in the backyard for hours, making mud pies and telling stories to the neighborhood dog, Pokey.

Fast forward to adulthood and Tina became a writer (a storyteller if you will) with a focus on writing about animals, and of course, a pastry chef.

Her passion for baking dates back several generation when her great-great grandparents boarded a ship from Sicily, Italy to America. Though the original bakery did not survive the Great Depression, Tina set out to rebuild the family dream. Though she loves making traditional Italian pastries, her true passion comes in the form of pies.

When Tina is not baking at Mudd Pie Girl Bakery, she is editing her first novel, The Princess of the Underground Railroad, set in Charleston during the Civil War. Some of her other writing has appeared in Just Labs Magazine, Carolina Bark, and My Petz Magazine. She also enjoys spending time with her family, including her father, inventor of the Hot Rod Helicopter, Bob Kinney, and her nephews.

Tina lives in Charleston with her 5 large rescue dogs, Baker, Diesel, (Mossy) Oak, Tremor, and Buddy; two rescue cats, Ray and Isis, Hulk the rescue iguana, and her fiancé, Sgt. Bill Coash of the USMC. They are expecting their first child in February 2015.

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