Monday, September 27, 2010

A Baker's Dozen's Dozen

Yea, we know that title didn't make sense but Fear does.  Fear is a word that makes sense and since it's a Monday and the seesaw of attendees versus bakers is leaning heavily on one side,  we're starting to freak out a little bit (ok, a lotta bit).  The last thing we want to happen is what happened to CupcakeCamp NYC this past April. We must reiterate that this is a community effort.  Although we'd love to bake 1000 cupcakes each, we know it would be unfair to those of you who would love the opportunity to bake and show off your tasty goods!  Plus you would quickly grow bored of one flavor and its frosting (because that is all the time I have!   I can't speak for my twin but I'm pretty sure she's in the same boat!).  So please, we implore you, we are begging you, look into your hearts!  Ask your moms, your lovely grannies, your neighbors and your frenemies to bake it all out!  Please, we don't want a Clustercuss on CupcakeCamp!

cusp and cuddle

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