Tuesday, October 5, 2010

It's all about you, Sponsors (at least this post is)!

It's 32 days away and we are not going to hyperventilate into cupcake cups.  Ok, one of us will probably freak the mothercup out and it's most likely the one authoring this post.   But nevermind that, this is not about freaking out.  This is about putting our fresh cupcakes forward and having the utmost faith in our friends and followers.

As you know, CupcakeCamp Charleston has been our sugar baby born just this February.  It's been an amazing ride thus far and we know we couldn't have done it without your help.  Our sponsor links have been updated (look to your right).  We can't believe how far we've come and we know we haven't said it enough, we couldn't have done this without our sponsors.  Yet we would love that sponsor links list to grow.  There is still room for bakers so if you as a business owner or your company would like to participate, we could use at 150 cupcakes per company (or if you're feeling even more generous, see Sponsors page) .

With over 200 (and growing) attendees coming, we don’t want sponsors to miss out on this opportunity.  If baking is not your forte, we are also looking for prize donations to give away to our winners for the baking competition.  Either way, we would absolutely love your help!  If you love the idea, we will gladly add your logo and/or link to our website.

Thanks so much for your consideration!
cherry & curry

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