Thursday, November 3, 2011


CARPOOLING is heavily encouraged!

Spirit Moves Studio (445 Savannah Highway, Charleston, SC) is located at the foot of the overpass where Savannah Highway crosses Folly Rd. Blvd. heading downtown. It can be a little tricky so here's what you do:

From West Ashley or James Island, it's pretty simple - take Savannah Highway (17) like you're going downtown. Once you cross Wesley Dr. (the road that connects 17 and 61, by Ye Olde Fashioned Ice Cream), look for the overpass, and turn Right into the driveway at its base.

From East Cooper, downtown, or I-26 - you will cross the Ashley River Bridge, get off on Highway 61 (St. Andrews Blvd., the first road on the Right off the bridge), and then take the first Left, which is Wesley Blvd. Then take the next Left, which puts you on Savannah Highway, pointed back downtown. From there, look for the overpass, and turn Right into the driveway at its base. You're basically doing a little hook around to get there.

Just be ready for the turn!

There are two parking lots - one before the building, and a bigger one in back.

You can exit the parking lot either onto 17 headed downtown (or use the switchback on 17 to go back to West Ashley), or onto Folly Rd. headed to South Windermere.

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