Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Meet Our MC: Jason Groce!

     Originally from Greenville, SC, Jason Groce has been in Charleston for 10 years. He is a local bartender and comedian and has been doing stand-up, sketch and improv comedy for the past 6 years. He enjoys paying other people to work on his new house and loves spending time with his pit bull, Gaines. His cupcake experience is vast, starting with his mom's Easter cupcakes with jelly beans and green-dyed shaved coconut.
     You can often find Jason at Theatre 99's line up, once a month at the Tin Roof as Host of Open Mic Night and at various up and coming comedy bars throughout Charleston during the week. Stalk him on facebook, or at Theatre 99! He won't mind!

1. What is your favorite cupcake? Anything Strawberry.
2. Favorite Lionel Richie song: Easy or Stuck On You.
3. You're baking on Cupcake Wars on The Food Network and you can only choose a pirate or a ninja for an assistant.  Who is your helper? Ninja. They'll never get in your way, and are most likely sober.
4. What was the last thing you baked in the kitchen? Cornbread for Chili.

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