Friday, November 2, 2012

Meet One of Our Judges, Courtney Grainger

I got my start eating cupcakes at the impressionable age of 1.  The chocolate icing and sprinkles spread across my face giving me such joy!  I was determined to extend my palate in the cupcake world to tackle all different flavors of cupcake, from the more traditional chocolate with chocolate icing to the margarita cupcake, I have refined my taste buds over the years of consumption.  My tongue knows what the tongue wants.

As a Product Manager at Blackbaud, I have the opportunity to work with amazing colleagues and customers on a daily basis.  My main focus currently is on our Education Solutions, which is extremely rewarding being able to work with faculty, parents, and students to ensure they have the tools they need for the learning experiences they are encountering.

I am a native of Michigan but moved to Charleston at the lovely age of 6 years old, so while I'm not a native Charlestonian, I've been here for more than two decades. I am a James Island resident and enjoy relaxing on the beach with my boyfriend and our 5 month old "Dr. Pepper" mutt, named Teach, cause he's a pirate.  My favorite things to do are read a book on the beach, run around Charleston, or watch the Gamecocks with my parents. And eat cupcakes of course!

1. What is your favorite thing to bake for yourself?
I love making cookie dough brownies!  I only make them very rarely because I can eat a only batch on my own.  Or I'll make magic bars, which are quick and easy.
2. Which famous celebrity would you share a cupcake with?
Ohhh, this is a good one.  I'm thinking Deborah Harkness, she's an author I've recently discovered and would love to hear about any new works she has coming.
3. When you can't get to a cupcake, what do you go for?
I guess my number 1 gives me away, brownies and cookies are my loves.  If they are in the room, I will find them and destroy them.
4. Most unique cupcake you've ever tasted:
I would have to say a margarita cupcake with actual tequila in it.  Normally it's just the margarita mix that I've seen used so that was pretty interesting.  
5. What do you like to drink with your cupcake?
Milk, it's the best dessert drink ever made!

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