Saturday, October 15, 2011

Meet Our Sponsor: hazelbasil!

     As a Graphic Designer, I find inspiration from print to digital to the simplest handmade projects. I love researching ways to stay inspired, explore latest design trends, and often track down local jaunts for inspiration.
     I currently work in the marketing department for a music company. I specialize in Art & Creative Direction, Design & Consulting, Logo Design, Letterhead, Stationary, Brand Development, Brand Marketing, Online Marketing, Email Campaigns, Web Maintenance, and Web Developing. I keep busy with my D.A.M.N. (Designer, Artist, Marketing Network) blog that I've created for other artists to meet, collaborate and work together. Once a quarter, we meet and greet to talk shop or to share our latest projects for creative feedback.
      When my twin sister is not bugging me to meet her CupcakeCamp deadlines, you can find me at the library, thrift store, in my backyard gardening or tweaking vegetarian/vegan baked goods. Oh, and I'm the original twin, despite her exceeding efforts in saying so.
     hazelbasil provides a variety of print and media design services. For more information, please visit us at or call 843.670.3819. You can email Hazel at

1. What is your favorite cupcake? Anything with chocolate, peanut butter and/or caramel.
2. Favorite Lionel Richie song: Hello.
3. You're baking on Cupcake Wars on The Food Network and you can only
choose a pirate or a ninja for an assistant.  Who is your helper? Ninja, because they'd be quiet about it! They might also smell better too. ;)
4. What was the last thing you baked in the kitchen? Strawberry and Rhubarb Pie.

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