Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Meet Our Judge: Jessica Kenny!

Jessica Kenny is the Assistant to the Publisher at CHARLIE Mag and has over 26 years of cupcake eating experience. She appreciates any invention that allows her to say she ate a whole cake without feeling guilty. Jessica also contributes to CHARLIE's arsenal of articles on Charleston's most forward-thinking minds, so she has an eye for true creativity, innovation, and cupcakes. In addition to the magic she performs at CHARLIE, Jessica teaches at both Charleston Power Yoga and Barre Evolution, mostly just to counter her relationship with cupcakes. She also really loves cupcakes.

CHARLIE Magazine is an online magazine which celebrates Charleston's most progressive and under-the-radar people, food, places, music, current issues, fashion, art and general awesomeness. Two years old and growing big, CHARLIE brings its loyal readers everything that is fresh, inventive, and local. Check out Charlie at or on facebook, or follow Charlie on Twitter,!/readCHARLIE/ for more information.

1. Favorite Lionel Richie song: All Night Long.

2. What is your favorite food term/phrase to say? OMG, I'm gonna die this is so good.
3. What was the first thing you ever baked in the kitchen? Sugar cookies, with salt.
4. Favorite food celebrity: Adam Richman.
5. Kitchen tool to recommend to bakers: Your stomach.
6. You are a guest chef on a program demonstrate how to bake something, what recipe would you share? Chocolate pie cookies, as a cupcake.

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