Monday, October 3, 2011

Meet Our Sponsor: (UP)Cycle Interiors LLC!

     (UP)Cycle Interiors LLC sells reclaimed wood furniture. In addition to reclaimed wood furniture we sell furniture and accessories that have been (UP)Cycled by using recycled metal, salvaged wood, recycled glass and more. We also sell furniture that may have become worn the first time around, but now is given an (UP)Cycle by giving it new paint, new accessories, and possibly a new purpose. All of the products are partially or entirely made of recycled material and are Made in the USA. Located in Charleston, South Carolina, we offer nationwide services.
     Amy Hutchins grew up antique shopping with her mom and dad. She enjoys pieces that have a history behind them and loves to share the history with others. Her dad has worked with reclaimed wood over the years and is excellent when it comes to wood crafting.  She works with many master wood crafters and (up)cyclers all over the country which allows her to offer unique products for the eco-conscious lifestyle.
     Visit (UP)Cycle Interiors LLC at and on facebook,  For orders and inquiries, please call us toll-free (866) 676-8417 or email us at

1. What is your favorite cupcake? Probably vanilla with chocolate icing.
2. Favorite Lionel Richie song: Easy
3. You're baking on Cupcake Wars on The Food Network and you can only choose a pirate or a ninja for an assistant.  Who is your helper? Ninja (They would probably be cleaner, LOL)
4. What was the last thing you baked in the kitchen? Halloween Sugar Cookies

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