Friday, October 5, 2012

Meet Lyndsie Davis, One of Our Bakers!

My name is Lyndsie Davis and I'm currently finishing grad school at the College of Charleston which means I'm always busy, but somehow always find time to bake:) 

1. Celebrity chef you'd like to work with: The celebrity chef I would love to work with would probably be Alton Brown! He is so smart and quirky and I'm sure a blast in the kitchen. 

2. Cupcake you are best known for: I don't think that I'm necessarily known for one cupcake in particular because I am always trying to find new recipes and baking new desserts which means I rarely have a chance to repeat a recipe. But I keep getting requests for cookie dough cupcakes that I've made once from my friends so those cupcakes might have to make an encore appearance soon:)

3. What was the first thing you've ever baked? The first thing I ever baked were pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. My dad had found a recipe a couple years ago and was really excited to try them so I baked up a batch and I loved seeing  how happy people got with fresh baked treats. The pumpkin cookies turned into baking pumpkin scones, which turned into creating a birthday cake for my grandmother, and I've been baking ever since! 

4. What do you look forward to at Cupcake Camp Charleston this year?
The thing I'm looking forward to this year at Cupcake Camp is raising awareness and support for Cystic Fibrosis. My cousin, who also happens to be my favorite person in the whole world, has Cystic Fibrosis so that makes this event extra exciting, extra special, and extra close to my heart.

My cousin Katie and I! She's on the left, I'm on the right. 

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