Friday, April 16, 2010

meetings, we hope!

First things first. The cupcake army keeps a growin'! 407 twitterers and 85 fans. Keep up the braggin', yo!
Get your sleeves rolled and your aprons pressed, we have a few meetings coming up. We are going to talk with a few organizations in the coming weeks. Hopefully Cupcakecamp Charleston will take place in Charleston, North Charleston and in Summerville. Of course we are not opposed to any local city/town in the Charleston area. If you know of a free and willing venue, send them our way, please.
More letters have been sent this week, too.
Thanks for reading!
cuppie & cakie

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Life is short, eat a cupcake!

That's exactly what we did! Bacon pecan praline cupcakes for Easter, yay! Actually, we didn't follow the exact recipe.  We cheated with time and used a yellow cake mix and store bought cream cheese frosting.  However, we did make pecan pralines and grilled the bacon ourselves before serving it up as part of the topping.  We decided to squirt some more southern charm and they were a hit! At least to our bellies! Here's a pic:

We are in the middle of talking to two charities to see if they want to work with us (who wouldn't?!) and are about to send out a few more letters to venues. For any ideas or suggestions, holler at your cupcakes.

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