Sunday, November 6, 2011

Cupcake Camp Charleston 2011 Photos

We had a wonderful time! Thank you so much for all the Sponsors, Bakers and amazing Volunteers who helped out and made another Cupcake Camp Charleston 2011 a successful event!!
Here are some photos (when we remembered to take some) we took during the event:
Our wonderful Hosts, Spirit Moves Studio!

Setting up!

Getting ready...

The line begins!

nom nom nom

He was telling me both plates weren't his and I believed him.

Staging room.


Cynthia Huggins' Boston Cream Cupcakes

Judging committee

snapshot of competitors' cupcakes

Nikki Riley's winning Best Thanksgiving Sweet Potato Cupcakes!

Judges: Jessica Kenny from Charlie Mag, Jeremy Ross from Ross Printing and Chef Judy Papadimitriou from Charleston Cookie Company!

The Schedule!

Thursday, November 3, 2011


CARPOOLING is heavily encouraged!

Spirit Moves Studio (445 Savannah Highway, Charleston, SC) is located at the foot of the overpass where Savannah Highway crosses Folly Rd. Blvd. heading downtown. It can be a little tricky so here's what you do:

From West Ashley or James Island, it's pretty simple - take Savannah Highway (17) like you're going downtown. Once you cross Wesley Dr. (the road that connects 17 and 61, by Ye Olde Fashioned Ice Cream), look for the overpass, and turn Right into the driveway at its base.

From East Cooper, downtown, or I-26 - you will cross the Ashley River Bridge, get off on Highway 61 (St. Andrews Blvd., the first road on the Right off the bridge), and then take the first Left, which is Wesley Blvd. Then take the next Left, which puts you on Savannah Highway, pointed back downtown. From there, look for the overpass, and turn Right into the driveway at its base. You're basically doing a little hook around to get there.

Just be ready for the turn!

There are two parking lots - one before the building, and a bigger one in back.

You can exit the parking lot either onto 17 headed downtown (or use the switchback on 17 to go back to West Ashley), or onto Folly Rd. headed to South Windermere.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Contest Clarification

This is the official Contest Rules. You may only enter one cupcake per category. For each category you are entering, please submit three cupcakes (one for each judge). For this contest, cupcakes must be regular sized. Also, please note that cupcakes will not be refrigerated, so consider ingredients that may melt or spoil and affect overall judging.

Example: if you enter Best Thanksgiving, please submit 3 for each judge to make. If you enter Best Thanksgiving and Most Original, you must enter 6 total, one for each judge for Best Thanksgiving and Most Original.

Good Luck!
the twins

Meet Our MC: Jason Groce!

     Originally from Greenville, SC, Jason Groce has been in Charleston for 10 years. He is a local bartender and comedian and has been doing stand-up, sketch and improv comedy for the past 6 years. He enjoys paying other people to work on his new house and loves spending time with his pit bull, Gaines. His cupcake experience is vast, starting with his mom's Easter cupcakes with jelly beans and green-dyed shaved coconut.
     You can often find Jason at Theatre 99's line up, once a month at the Tin Roof as Host of Open Mic Night and at various up and coming comedy bars throughout Charleston during the week. Stalk him on facebook, or at Theatre 99! He won't mind!

1. What is your favorite cupcake? Anything Strawberry.
2. Favorite Lionel Richie song: Easy or Stuck On You.
3. You're baking on Cupcake Wars on The Food Network and you can only choose a pirate or a ninja for an assistant.  Who is your helper? Ninja. They'll never get in your way, and are most likely sober.
4. What was the last thing you baked in the kitchen? Cornbread for Chili.

Sponsors Needed

New Poster 2021

 New Poster is out! Thanks to Hazel Rider for her help!