Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Meet Corrine Gottlieb, One of our 2014 Cupcake Camp Charleston Judges

Corinne Gottlieb has been involved in baking throughout her life, beginning at the age of eight.  At age ten she weaned off of Betty Crocker cake mixes and taught her mom how to bake from scratch! While living in the San Francisco Bay area for several years, she was exposed to a diversity of cuisines which influenced her repertoire of cakes, cookies, whoopee pies, homemade buttercream and other specialties.  Her friends and family have enjoyed endless kinds of baked goods. Now a Charleston resident, Corinne recently served as a judge at the Bee's Ferry Recreation Center chili cook-off. 
Corinne's family always encouraged creativity of every sort, and baking has always been there for her. At present, she is currently developing a cookbook and raising her two children.

Sunday, October 27, 2013


SUNDAY, SUNDAY, SUNDAY STATS! 831 likes, 893 Twitter followers, 33 Sponsors, 31 bakers and 339 guests! Yay for all of you making this happen!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Meet One of Our 2014 Cupcake Camp Judges, Tara Baker!

America truly is home to some of the most delicious comfort foods, including none other than the delightful cupcake. Cupcakes weren't my main reason for moving here from England, but I'm sure glad I made the migration from across the pond! Red velvet, pumpkin spice, key lime, I can't get enough of those delicious mini cakes of flavor! I began baking at the tender young age of 3 years old. Baking cheddar scones with my mum in the kitchen was my all-time favorite thing to do and by 6, I had perfected the cheese to scone ratio. Under the careful supervision of my mother, it was an easy and natural progression to move on to things like sponge cake, shortbread, muffins and meringue.

As a fundraising consultant for Blackbaud, traveling is a big part of my job and the first thing on my list when prepping for a trip is checking for a local cupcake store in the city I'll be visiting. My job involves working closely with non-profit companies from all over the country and their passion for what they do makes my days very rewarding. Before my career at Blackbaud, I dabbled in my own cupcake business in which I baked natural organic vegan cupcakes for my friends and coworkers for birthdays and other celebrations. I hope to reignite that business in a few years as it’s truly such a huge passion of mine.

Outside of work, and baking delicious cupcakes of my own of course, I spend most of my time at home on Daniel Island with my boyfriend and our super fluffy and ferocious Maine Coon cat Pudding. My favorite way to spend the weekends and evenings are indulging in my inner Foodie and exploring the local restaurants of Charleston, cooking, reading a good book on the porch and good old fashioned retail therapy on King street.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

We love gaining weight!

STATS: 816 likes, 885 Twitter followers, 30 Sponsors, 20 bakers and 267 guests! We love gaining weight!

Thursday, October 3, 2013


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