Sunday, October 31, 2010

Feature Sponsor: Franchesca's Custom Cakes

Think long and hard, Franchesca's Custom Cakes offers every kind of cake you can think of.  They are also one of CupcakeCamp Charleston's Sponsors.  Located in Ladson, SC, Franchesca's Custom Cakes shop is open daily until 9 pm.  From classic, flavored, gluten-free, wedding, custom-designed, 3-D,  special occasion and even up to last minute cakes, Franchesca's Custom Cakes is ready for any and all your events!  Most of her wedding specialty cakes include but are not limited to:  Sour Cream Pound Cake, Cream Cheese Pound Cake, Lemon w/ Rhubard & Strawberry Filling Cake, Neopolitan Cake (Chocolate pound cake and strawberry cake w/ home made whipped cream cheese icing) Orange Pound Cake, Not-Too-Sweet Smith Family Chocolate Pound Cake, and Classic yellow w/ Chocolate icing.

We are looking forward to pigging out on her cupcake creations!  Franchesca can be reached at 843.377.3852 and her email is  You can also order online at

crispy & curly

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Feature Sponsor: Musicorp

Musicorp saved our cupcake butts.  We were lacking sound equipment and they have come to our rescue by lending us their high quality products for CupcakeCamp Charleston.   

Musicorp is a leading wholesale distributor of musical instruments, accessories and lighting equipment owned by KMC.  They offer
quality, cost-effective, self-manufactured brands such as Barcus-Berry, J.B. Player, J. Reynolds, Percussion Plus, Stageline, MBT Cases, Arbor Guitars, Amigo, Lauren and MBT Lighting & Sound. They also partner with international brands such as Yamaha portable keyboards and guitars, Dean Guitars, Remo Crown Percussion, Samson, Zoom, Hartke and Luna Guitars in exclusive distribution arrangements to better serve the industry.

As Musicorp is equipped to meet the needs of retailers, they also maintain the highest level of service and stand behind their mission to provide excellent customer service, product quality, and competitive pricing, at all times, handling every order with care.  Musicorp partners with music retail customers to help them strategically grow their business, providing the industry’s widest product selection, broadest marketing reach and national distribution network.
Several locations allow Musicorp to offer customers the broadest product selection, in-depth inventory, availability and efficient shipping across the countryDistribution centers are located in California and Kentucky while a second call-center in Illinois but lucky for us, their main headquarters is in Charleston, SC.  For all your music and lighting needs, contact Musicorp.
P.O. Box 63366
North Charleston, SC 29419
Phone: (843) 745-8501
Charleston Toll Free (Sales): 800-845-1922
Effingham Toll Free (Sales): 800-356-4326
Toll Free (Customer Service): 800-641-6931
Fax: 843-745-8502
Feel free to follow them on Facebook and Twitter

clef & coda

Feature Sponsor: haZelbasil

It's been brought to our attention a few times that as twins one of us is a movie and the other is a book.  HaZel Lyn D. Rider is the movie and you should watch hers if you know what's good for you.   Even as a kid, she was always artistic.  She colored softly within the lines, drew without having to trace and even buttered her toast smoothly with grace.  This I vividly remember because I couldn't understand the concept of a soft touch as I looked back and forth between hers and my butchered and holey toast.  She's translated her gift well with graphic design and is a Prize Sponsor this year.

It's fitting that she's the movie for Hazel has worked in the movie industry in L.A. and has created DVD covers and various promotional materials.  She also creates movie posters, postcards, flyers, ads, logos, websites, business cards, special event invitations, handmade stationary, t-shirts, and even cuts her own envelopes made from vintage thrift store books. And you guessed it, she is the edgy creator of CupcakeCamp Charleston's flyer and postcard that you've seen around town!

You should hire her.  She can be reached at or call her at 843.670.3819.  Her products are available at  When you hire her, tell her the book sent you!

crime from comedy

Baker's Registration Form (cut and pasted)

We've received a few emails about some of you not being able to see the form.  Sorry about that!  Here is the form that you can complete and email your response to
Cheers and see you next weekend!
chalk & chair

Baker Registration Form
Please complete baker registration form (the sooner the better). You may register your cupcakes on November 6, 2010 at the event.  As soon as we receive your form, you will receive an email with baker's regulatiions. 
* Required

Name (First, Last) *

Company Name (if applicable)

Email *

Phone Number *

Address *
Include street or mailing address, city, state and zip code.

How did you hear about CupcakeCamp Charleston? *
Please check all that applies.

Are you an amateur or professional baker? *
If you own a company (online included) or work in the industry, you would be considered a professional.

Name of Cupcake(s) *

Allergen Notes *
 Nuts other than seeds
 Sesame seeds
 Wheat or grain containing gluten (barley, oat, rye and triticale)

Flavor/Theme of Cupcake(s) *
Please describe flavors/themes of the cupcake/flavor you will be baking for Cupcake Camp.

Are you entering the baker's contest? *
Please read Contest section on website.

How many cupcakes are you bringing? *
Fill in a number.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Feature Sponsor: Peach Tree Bakery

Peach Tree Bakery is a family owned and operated business by husband and wife team Brenda and Larry Hill. Originally from West Virginia, they opened their first bakery, Aunt B's in 1996. Wanting to move to a warmer climate, they visited Goose Creek in January of this year and noticed there wasn't a local bakery so they moved shortly after, opening in July. This makes their bakery one of the newest additions to the ever expanding Goose Creek and one of CupcakeCamp Charleston's Sponsors.

Peach Tree Bakery specializes in made-from-scratch baked goods. A delicious variety is baked each day using fresh, quality ingredients and no preservatives. What separates them from other bakeries is their collected recipes from family and fiends. All types of cakes, cookies, pies, pastries, wedding cakes, snack cakes, etc. are custom-made on the premises.

Stop by today and come back often!  Enjoy their homemade and nostalgic goodies the way your granny made them!  Visit their website, and become a fan on their Facebook page!/pages/Goose-Creek-SC/Peach-Tree-Bakery/151723744852325.  Brenda and Larry can be reached at the bakery, 843.797.5234.  When you see them at CupcakeCamp Charleston, high five them with a smile!

Creek & Crick

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Featured Vendor: FashionFynlie

FashionFynlie is the brain child of Amy Hutchins.  Her daughter, Fynlie is the model for FashionFynlie's hair accessories. It started when her husband noticed that commercial infant bows didn't fit their daughter properly and left marks on her head.  Fueled by creativity and inspiration, Amy decided to create her own versions. Out and about, people started noticing Amy's hair creations; thus, FashionFynlie started flying off the shelves!  FashionFynlie uses colorful ribbons and lace with theme buttons as part of her design. Custom orders are available such as team sports, animals, fruits, flowers, etc. at her Etsy store.

Amy wears many creative hats.  Not only is she a wife and mommy, she is a Real Estate Broker Associate and Interior Designer/Stager.  When Amy is not spending time with her adorable family, her keen eye is looking out for cool finds in antique and secondhand shops.  For more information, visit her Etsy store  She can be reached at  Buy her bows for your precious babies' heads! She will be at the Vendors area at this year's CupcakeCamp Charleston.

crochet & croquet

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Feature Sponsor: Buttercup Bake Shop

We jumped up and clicked our heels (or tried to) when we received a Prize donation from Buttercup Bake Shop in New York City.  That's right, metro en masse, all the way from New York City!

Buttercup Bake Shop is owned by Jennifer Appel.  We think it's pretty cool that she turned her hobby into a career for the sweets! Jennifer owns two locations of Buttercup Bake Shop.  Unfortunately for us, they're both in New York City (midtown Manhattan and Upper West Side).  Buttercup Bake Shop has been featured on MTV, Fox, CNN and in tons of magazines like The New York Times, People Magazine, Entertainment Weekly, Cosmopolitan, The Wall Street Journal and Zagat Guide.  She is also the author of several bakery cookbooks so it's safe to say she's a champion of cupcakes!

At Buttercup Bake Shop, you can enjoy several types of cupcakes, all kinds of cakes, pies, cheesecakes, assorted bars and squares, and trifles!  When you're not in the city, you can order online at or call them at 212.350.4144/212-787-3800.  Sad to say again, but they only deliver to corporate and residential addresses in Manhattan and Long Island City (insert ARRRGGHHH).  For more information, visit  Become a Facebook fan and follow them on Twitter  For more pretty pictures, click here:

with hearts galore, 
chinatown & chelsea

Feature Sponsor: Ink Meets Paper Press

Ink Meets Paper Press is a small letterpress studio in Charleston run by cute and cheeky husband and wife team Daniel and Allison Nadeau and one of this year's Prize Sponsors at CupcakeCamp Charleston.  We're quite excited to see what creative prize they're donating!

Ink Meets Paper Press is a young company born in 2008.  Using a 1920s new-style Chandler & Price platen press for their products, it's refreshing to see the vintage world meet the modern age.  They offer an array of letterpress stationery and art prints, as well as other one-of-a-kind handprinted goods (including business cards, notecards and special event invitations to name a few).

If you're looking for original and custom-made high quality paper products, contact Ink Meets Paper or call their studio: 843.608.8465.  For more information, visit  Products can also be ordered at their Etsy store  Follow them on Twitter and become a fan on Facebook,

Love to love,
Corduroy & Chenille


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Feature Sponsor: AmongstLovelyThings

In the years that I've known J. Nisbet-Hoyle, I've known she was an Art Major, a makeup and beauty expert, (licensed cosmetologist) and a fashion maven (she always dressed like she came from the catwalk).   I've never seen her artwork but would constantly hear about it from her husband.  I thought, sure, he has to say that, they're married.  I found out too late how beautifully stunning her artwork truly is when she moved nearly 2000 miles away.   We feel cute with couture that AmongstLovelyThings is a Prize Sponsor at CupcakeCamp Charleston this year.

AmongstLovelyThings store proves how lovely and wonderfully detailed her work is.  Hand painted tableware, bowls plates mugs, vintage napkings and tablecloths, place cards, menus for weddings to birthday parties and dinners, heirloom quality pieces, plates on chargers, interesting centerpieces, funky placemats, charming napkin holders, antique silverware, tea services, petite dessert plates, vintage colored glass, bird's nests and butterflies are dozens of items she's sold in her Etsy store.  J. is most inspired by the art of the early 20th century into the 1930's as well as Art Nouveau and the Pre-Raphaelite movements. Although fashion has never left her, it inspires nearly everything she does.  She became interested in home decor after becoming a wife and mother and a self-professed decorating addict.  Her goal is to provide useful and beautiful items for the home, so that one may express one's artistic sensibilities to friends and family.

All of Amongst LovelyThings quality pieces are lead-free, microwave and dishwasher safe.  They are available at Etsy (  Her blog is just as divine, too  Follow her on Twitter @amongstlovely for whimsical inspirations!  J. can be reached at

Je t'aime,

Crepes with Crème brûlée

Monday, October 25, 2010

Feature Sponsor: Theatre 99

After you stuff your lovely faces with cupcakes, you will lose weight laughing so hard at Theatre 99, Charleston's Home for Improv Comedy and one of CupcakeCamp Charleston's Prize Sponsors.  Located in downtown Charleston (280 Meeting Street), Theatre 99 has shows every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday nights and are economical for your wallet.  Tickets are just $5 on Wednesdays, $10 on Fridays and $10-$12.50 on Saturdays.  Think about it, it costs more to go to weekly weight loss programs so why not just laugh the cupcake calories off at Theatre 99?!

Theatre 99 creates one-of-a-kind improv humor for you every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday night.  Their improv shows (ranging from sketch and stand up, cabaret, music, and other raucous entertainment) depend on the audience suggestions so you never know what will happen!  When you're not ROTFL or randomly clapping your hands and miming laughter (as we embarrassingly do), you can also enjoy their annual festivals that showcase top comics from around the country and other special events (such as Piccolo Fringe and The Charleston Comedy Festival) throughout the year.

When Theatre 99 is not aiding your efforts to lose weight, they offer a training program that has 4 levels of improv classes where you can learn how to make other people laugh off their calories off!  Check out their shows and classes at and on Facebook, where they often give away free tickets!

Cackle and Cacophony

Feature Sponsor: Southland Soap

Southland Soap is one of my favorite products to use.  I was pretty excited when they became a Prize Sponsor for CupcakeCamp Charleston.  Southland Soap is an all natural hair care company that sells most of their products through bars.  That's right, shampoo bars.  Trust me when I say that this "unconventional" way of washing your hair will become the Only Way.  I've gotten a ton of compliments since I started using their products last year.  My hair feels healthier, too.

Southland Soap is the creator and distributor of Options bars (all natural henna shampoo bars) and other all natural shampoos, conditioners and more.  Their bars use only pure essential oils for fragrance and pure Rajasthani Cassia, Henna, and/or Indigo powder for color.  With the exception of their Transitions Step 1 & 2 bars, their products do not contain synthetic fragrances or detergents, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), or parabens.  Complete instructions are included with every order.  Their mission is simple: they provide the best products and service to customers at the lowest prices possible and they never test on animals!  Speaking of animals, they have shampoo bars for dogs, too!

Southland Soap also offers Henna as a natural dye for your hair.  Their website,, offers a ton of informative help, too.  They have answers to common questions, basic instructions, and details on coloring your hair with henna products.  And yes, their products smell great (my favorite smell is the Smile Conditioning Concentrate)!  You can order individually or from their specials and package deals.  Order from them today, your hair will thank you!  Visit and become a Facebook fan for constant updates.  Contact Southland Soap at for more information.

x with o!
chorale from caroler

Feature Vendor: Palmetto Pastries

Who is Cupcakes best friend? Why, Cookies of course!  At least on our plates!  Alexa Pistolis, graduate from Johnson and Wales with a Baking and Pastry Arts degree and owner of Palmetto Pastries ( has the right idea when filling up a dish of sweet pastries.  Palmetto Pastries offers luscious sugar cookies for every occasion (including corporate gifts, holiday gifts, wedding favors, client gifts, etc.) or every day!  Their motto is based on the idea that cookies should taste as good as they look. With just a hint of almond, their thick and soft iced vanilla cookies will delight your salivating mouths!  Handmade with only seven ingredients, their iced sugar cookies are one of a kind.  

You can choose from hundreds of shapes and sizes for your custom orders (including personal and business orders) so they can look as unique as they taste.  These cookies are individually wrapped in a heat sealed bag with a corresponding ribbon for freshness.   Palmetto Pastries understands allergies and dietary needs so your orders can be altered if needed.  Order early and often as they ship everywhere!  Contact Palmetto Pastries at or call (843) 868-1245.  You can become a Facebook fan, too at Palmetto Pastries will have a booth at the Vendors area at CupcakeCamp Charleston.  Support your sugar tooth and bring some goodies home!

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Sponsors Needed

New Poster 2021

 New Poster is out! Thanks to Hazel Rider for her help!