Tuesday, May 31, 2011

CupcakeCamp Charleston Video!

This is last year's recap of CupcakeCamp Charleston at Aloft Hotel in Charleston, SC.  Music by The Aardvark Convention and edited by one of our sponsors, Jeff MacKey Media Services.  Feel free to share with others.  Hopefully this will inspire you to the baking months ahead!


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Monday, May 2, 2011

Hello, it's a contest!

Hullo, hula hoops! It's that time again to announce the contest!  We figure we'd give you a six month head start to get those creative kitchens ready for batter, I mean, battle!
This year, the rules have changed.  You may only enter one cupcake per category.  For each category you are entering, please submit three cupcakes (one for each judge).  This essentially makes it easy for our judging committee.  For this contest, cupcakes must be regular sized.  Please note that cupcakes will not be refrigerated so consider ingredients that may melt or spoil and affect overall judging.  Entrants must fill out the Baker's Registration Form.


- Most Original will be based on original ingredients and design.

- Best Thanksgiving Theme will be based on Thanksgiving flavors and decoration.

- Best Tasting will be based on overall taste.

Good Luck!

For any questions, feel free to email us at cupcakecampcharleston@gmail.com.
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