Friday, September 28, 2012

Meet One of Our Bakers, Jennifer Merchant!

Hey y'all, this is Jennifer Merchant, owner of Cup to the Cake Design Shop!   I run a home-based cupcake business from Summerville that specializes in cupcakes for events, and desserts of every kind.  My favorite ingredients to use remind me of growing up in the South, like the Moonpie and Cheerwine cupcakes that I featured at Cupcake Camp Summerville this spring. They had actual Moonpie pieces and Cheerwine soda in them!   The cupcake that Cup to the Cake is best known for — my go-to cupcake — is a chocolate Dr Pepper cupcake. The carbonation makes for a wonderfully airy and sweet cupcake.

My number one all time favorite chef to work with would be Paula Deen. Although she doesn't use as much butter anymore, I still love her homemade oh-so-bad for you creations.  Speaking of butter, my first ever baking experience was a basic yellow butter cake with chocolate icing, the one that everyone's mom seemed to have perfected growing up.

Cup to the Cake looks forward to meeting all of the wonderful people at Cupcake Camp Charleston, and of course all of the tasty inspirations.  For a treat to your eyes, see all of our creations on our Facebook page at or reach us by email to schedule cupcakes for your next event at

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  1. I am so happy for you Jen! Her cupcakes are awesome. They taste great and are beautifully presented.


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