Sunday, October 24, 2010

Attention: Pre-Registered Bakers, this one's for you!

Hello, Bakers!  Please register early so we can prepare the cupcake flow and make this event as smooth as frosting!  This blog is for you! 

- Please show up at Aloft Charleston (4875 Tanger Outlet Blvd., North Charleston, SC 29418) at 2:30 PM.

- All the cupcakes will be distributed from the fireplace area (middle of the lobby) and there will be a separate staging area for the cupcakes waiting their turn (cupcakes staging area is in a separate room as we will not be displaying all the cupcakes at once).

- For those of you who register online before November 6, 2010, I will send you the cupcake schedule a day before.

- We will be distributing the cupcakes every 15-25 minutes, depending on the cupcake traffic.

- If you can bring a platter of some kind to place/display your cupcakes on, it would be great!

- Your cupcakes will be displayed by you. You have the option to create a themed display for your cupcakes, but keep in mind, you will be sharing space with other bakers (as the schedule and display space permits). You are welcome to refill your display as necessary; there will be space under the table to store extra cupcakes (in your own container or cooler--please label your property).

- Please bring a display sign with your name, title of cupcake, cupcake ingredients (for allergy warnings). Please wear gloves or bring tongs to handle the cupcakes safely to the public.

- If you change how many or what type of cupcakes, please email us the change

- Not required, but we can always use help with getting enough napkins, paper plates, and plastic forks for everyone attending, so if you're willing to donate some, let me know.

- If you are entering the contest, please set aside an additional three cupcakes per category (Most Unique Ingredients, Best Charleston Themes & Best Decorated Cupcake). We encourage YOU to submit more than two dozen cupcakes. The more cupcakes we receive, the more people will be able to enjoy your cupcake creation!

- Feel free to wear your logos, hand out your business cards, etc. as you feel comfortable when it's your turn distributing your cupcakes.  There will also be a separate table and wall for you to display your logos, cards, etc. as well that will remain throughout the event.

- Aloft will have their temperature lowered that afternoon for your cupcakes but please keep in mind they do not have space to refrigerate any cupcakes.  They do have an ice machine in case you want bring a cooler.

- Aloft has a bar and they will be selling cupcaketinis, milk, coffee and tea.  Don't forget to tip the bartenders!! :)

Any other questions, feel free to email me.

Thanks and see you soon!!!
Heather "Cupcakes" MacKey

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