Friday, October 22, 2010

Feature Sponsor: Pastry Chef Allison Galentine with Caviar & Bananas

Allison Galentine has a sweet disposition that makes me want to share a hug or a cupcake with her so I throw flour in the air with glee knowing that she's a Pastry Chef for Caviar & Bananas.  As a graduate from Trident Technical College, Allison has tiers of proof to tantalize your tastebuds (see below).  She is representing herself with the wonderful Caviar & Bananas Gourmet Market & Cafe.  Allison works full-time for Caviar & Bananas but can also be reached for your personal events.  Contact Allison at for more information. 

Caviar & Bananas is tucked in the heart of downtown Charleston (51 George Street), footsteps away from the college crowd but not too far enough away from fellow foodies for they offer catering, delivery & pick-up, gift baskets, gift cards, personal shopping and concierge services.  Caviar & Bananas is open daily and can be reached at 843.577.7757, and

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