Saturday, October 30, 2010

Feature Sponsor: haZelbasil

It's been brought to our attention a few times that as twins one of us is a movie and the other is a book.  HaZel Lyn D. Rider is the movie and you should watch hers if you know what's good for you.   Even as a kid, she was always artistic.  She colored softly within the lines, drew without having to trace and even buttered her toast smoothly with grace.  This I vividly remember because I couldn't understand the concept of a soft touch as I looked back and forth between hers and my butchered and holey toast.  She's translated her gift well with graphic design and is a Prize Sponsor this year.

It's fitting that she's the movie for Hazel has worked in the movie industry in L.A. and has created DVD covers and various promotional materials.  She also creates movie posters, postcards, flyers, ads, logos, websites, business cards, special event invitations, handmade stationary, t-shirts, and even cuts her own envelopes made from vintage thrift store books. And you guessed it, she is the edgy creator of CupcakeCamp Charleston's flyer and postcard that you've seen around town!

You should hire her.  She can be reached at or call her at 843.670.3819.  Her products are available at  When you hire her, tell her the book sent you!

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