Monday, October 25, 2010

Feature Sponsor: Southland Soap

Southland Soap is one of my favorite products to use.  I was pretty excited when they became a Prize Sponsor for CupcakeCamp Charleston.  Southland Soap is an all natural hair care company that sells most of their products through bars.  That's right, shampoo bars.  Trust me when I say that this "unconventional" way of washing your hair will become the Only Way.  I've gotten a ton of compliments since I started using their products last year.  My hair feels healthier, too.

Southland Soap is the creator and distributor of Options bars (all natural henna shampoo bars) and other all natural shampoos, conditioners and more.  Their bars use only pure essential oils for fragrance and pure Rajasthani Cassia, Henna, and/or Indigo powder for color.  With the exception of their Transitions Step 1 & 2 bars, their products do not contain synthetic fragrances or detergents, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), or parabens.  Complete instructions are included with every order.  Their mission is simple: they provide the best products and service to customers at the lowest prices possible and they never test on animals!  Speaking of animals, they have shampoo bars for dogs, too!

Southland Soap also offers Henna as a natural dye for your hair.  Their website,, offers a ton of informative help, too.  They have answers to common questions, basic instructions, and details on coloring your hair with henna products.  And yes, their products smell great (my favorite smell is the Smile Conditioning Concentrate)!  You can order individually or from their specials and package deals.  Order from them today, your hair will thank you!  Visit and become a Facebook fan for constant updates.  Contact Southland Soap at for more information.

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  1. Tonight I made a test batch of tooth soap that has peppermint essential oil and stevia.We have a stunningly good video done about using shampoo bars. It should be uploaded before long.This is a tough one, so we're sleeping on it overnight.



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